Hi, I'm Rob and I'm happy you found your way to my website. This is the "about me" section but what I want to say is, it's really more about you! 

Of course I'll give you a bit of my background and who I am but let's start by stating that I'm much more interested in you and your story. That's why I do what I do. I want to capture the essence of who you are, whether that be in a portrait or throughout an entire day!  

Ok, a bit about me....

I guess I'm what you'd call a career photographer as I've been making my living with photography for 35 years now.

That makes me  very experienced. It doesn't mean that I stopped learning.    

I'm a student of light and a lover of the moment. Catching great moments, that's what it's all about for me.

As much as I'm obsessed with photography I have figured out that my true passion is for people, their lives, relationships, celebrations and milestones.  

My goal every time I get behind my camera is  to create timeless photographs for you that you will cherish your entire life.

I make my home here in the gorgeous Niagara wine country, but I'm happy to go anywhere to create timeless beautiful imagery for you. 

robert nowell bio photo  Niagara wedding photographer


I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned so that has taken me to teaching photography as an adjunct professor at Mohawk College in the Creative Photography-Still and Motion program. I also mentor other photographers and regularly hold workshops. 


I have served as Vice Chair and Chair, for the Professional Photographers of Canada-Ontario. Locally I  served on the executive of the  PPOC branch in Hamilton Niagara, and I'm accredited with the PPOC in wedding story, portraiture and studio portraits. 

I am podcast co host for the Sprouting Photographer Podcasts, named by iTunes as the best photography business podcast of 2014.  I'm also the Vice President of Sprout Studio, a studio management software for photographers. 

My greatest love in photography is portraits and weddings simply because of the people I meet and the lasting relationships that come from those encounters.  I hope you'll give me a call or connect using the submission form on this website.