I heard recently that 20% of all the photographs that have ever been taken since the inception of photography were taken in 2012. Think about that- since the 1840s (give or take) that's a lot of photographs taken, and to think that 20% of all those taken in just one year. 

We live in a time where photos are more accessible than ever before, yet so few people have tangible results from all these photos. What I mean is that a huge portion of these images are left unused, often lost on computers or smartphones. The image has to an extent been devalued as it has become a commodity and commonplace. 

The people whom I have connected with; my clients, my friends, place worth and value on the images I create for them.  

I am gratified that so many of them have images I have taken adorning the walls of their homes, condos and cottages. Wedding and portrait albums are enjoyed again and again in a way that onscreen images just can't compete with.  

I am grateful that in my own home we have so many great family photographs in print to enjoy, admire and remember with.  

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Let me help take your moments and turn them into works of art.