Rob + Sarah's wedding in Jordan.....

The skies were darkening as I arrived in the tiny village of Jordan just fifteen minutes before I was to meet Sarah for the first time. We had spoken only on the phone , but she had explained that only she and Rob would be at their wedding. Not exactly an elopement since all the friends and family knew about it. Just a decision to have a very small wedding without the "fanfare". I don't think I have ever connected so easily on the wedding day( having not met before) as we did today. It absolutely poured down rain right through their ceremony held indoors at Inn on the Twenty . Their officiant was Sheldon Kofsky and ceremony music by Deb and David from Glissandi. After a few portraits indoors we were thrilled to find the rain was easing off. We popped upstairs across the road for a few more with the large windows there. FInally we jumped in my car and stopped at a few spots to give them the shots I knew they were hoping for. Rainy days can still be great photo days!  Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favourite. RN 


Innon the Tweny, Jordan , wedding