Minoo + Alistair wedding in Niagara on the Lake

I was pretty excited all last week anticipating the wedding of Minoo and Alistar, two doctors from London Ontario. We had a fantastic engagement session a month ago and we really connected. Minoo is so gorgeous and is of Persian heritage and her family were so wonderful and gracious. Alistair is down to earth and fun and I enjoyed my time with them a great deal. I was moved by their speeches at the reception and by the incredible love and respect shared by them and their families. The rain didn't dampen our spirits at all and after some family pics in the Queens Landing atrium we loaded on the trolley and toured around the town for some memorable photos. Our day started at the fabulous Prince of Wales Hotel and and all event details were handled exquisitely by Colleen of Vintage Hotels. Enjoy the photos! RN 


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