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Tony and the Paris Crepes Cafe

About a week ago the phone rang at the studio and at the other end I heard a beautiful accent that sparked my interest right away. It was Tony the co-owner of the Paris Crepes Cafe in Niagara Falls. She is being featured in a South African magazine in an article highlighting women entrepreneurs from around the world. Tony wanted me to do the photographs of her that would accompany the article.  We spent an hour shooting and we did some outdoor shots in front of the cafe despite the chilly temperatures. We soon moved inside as I could see Tony was getting cold. My personal favourite from the session is below. I blended the great ambient light streaming through the entrance windows and doorway with a main light to the right which was a Canon 600EXRT Speed light flash reflected into a 36 inch white umbrella. I just love the fantastic diffused highlights we see on Tony's face. She has classic African beauty with a slender neck and regal features. I emphasized those attributes by choosing a low camera angle. I love the colour in this portrait and you might just see this hanging in my studio in the coming weeks. RN 



Paris Crepes.jpg Niagara Falls Ontario