Niagara on the Lake

Pam Griffiths-Executive Coach -Business Portraits by Robert Nowell

Today I spent a most enjoyable few hours photographing Executive Coach Pam Griffiths. Pam needed some new corporate portraits and we agreed to do them all on location today. The weather started out a bit foggy and dull but in time for our session it was perfect!  We began downtown and after a quick wardrobe change back at the studio we headed to Niagara on the Lake. If you want to take your company or business to the next level consider Pam Griffiths to help you get there.

executive portrait Pam Griffith
Pam Griffiths photo by Robert Nowell
Business portraits St Catharines , Niagara

same day slideshows

In most of my wedding packages I include a same day slideshow. A SDS (samedayslideshow ) is simply a compilation of all the images photographed that day edited down to about 130 photos. I work on the edits during dinner and the slideshow is usually  running on my 27 inch Imac by the time they're serving coffee and dessert. Here is an actual same day slide show that was put together in about 30 minutes during the dinner at Ashley and Michael's wedding. My wedding clients absolutely love the same day slideshows and their guests are amazed at the fast turnaround of the days images. It could take a few seconds on some computers for the video to (appear) download. -cheers RN