child portraits

Today's Portrait.....

So often people come to our studio and compliment our backyard. I am always quick to give credit to my wife Heather for her gardening talent. People assume that I must use our backyard all the time, but I point out that the light is not always good back there due to the huge evergreens and maples that block much of the sky I'd like to use there. I did decide to challenge myself on Saturday though, so I set up a backyard studio with 4x8 sheet of foamcore over my subject along with a disc reflector to bounce light back up in the eyes. It's what we call clamshell lighting. My subject was Lauren who was full of spunk while I photographed her. She was far more interested in the fishpond than sitting for a portrait in the lighting area I wanted her in. But between the two of us we came up with some gorgeous portraits.