Minoo + Alistair wedding in Niagara on the Lake

I was pretty excited all last week anticipating the wedding of Minoo and Alistar, two doctors from London Ontario. We had a fantastic engagement session a month ago and we really connected. Minoo is so gorgeous and is of Persian heritage and her family were so wonderful and gracious. Alistair is down to earth and fun and I enjoyed my time with them a great deal. I was moved by their speeches at the reception and by the incredible love and respect shared by them and their families. The rain didn't dampen our spirits at all and after some family pics in the Queens Landing atrium we loaded on the trolley and toured around the town for some memorable photos. Our day started at the fabulous Prince of Wales Hotel and and all event details were handled exquisitely by Colleen of Vintage Hotels. Enjoy the photos! RN 


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Prince of Wales Hotel, Niagara on the Lake, wedding
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Niagara wedding, Navy Hall, NOTL

Today's portrait.....

Today's featured portrait is of  Darlene and John.  I absolutely love this portrait. It speaks volumes to me. The minute this couple entered my studio I could immediately see what an incredible connection they had with each other. As I took their portraits I was already thinking in black and white and knew I had captured something special. This image is going in my permanent portfolio. RN 


Niagara Magazine photos

Excited to share the results of my work with Niagara Magazine in the last month. The first image is the magazine cover and the subject is the lovely Lydia Tomek, winemaker at Hernder's Estates Wines. She was so great to work with, beautiful, funny and a bit of a tomboy if you can believe it. Thanks to my assistant for that shoot, Megan Muir!  Makeup and hair by Christiane Duburre Coomber  


Next up, NM creative director Tanya Hvilivitzky and I brainstormed on how we could bump up the In profile section a notch and we thought it would be fun to do a 1960's theme shoot a la the TV show Mad Men. So the first image is of Terry O'Malley a Canadian advertising legend. He was photographed in a long forgotten office in the Niagara Review building. Wardobe by Tanya Apostolidis of the Shaw Festival wardobe dept. 


Then Loud + Clear partner Chris Alderson was photographed at Clare's Harley Davidson of Niagara  where there is a recreation of our famous Diana Sweets of St. Paul Street fame. Chris has been a well know marketing and advertising player in Niagara for years and we go waaay back!  Wardrobe again by Tanya from Shaw. Make up by my wonderful daughter Hilary Nowell. 


When we talked about photographing Joe Lapinski, I knew just the place, the old Cadillac Motel in Niagara Falls. The authentic sign had never been changed much, other than the odd coat of paint, I was a bit disappointed the neon no longer worked so we opted for a daytime Las vegas feel. A 1966 Pontiac Parisienne completed the photo along with of course expert wardrobe again from Tanya.  Mr Lapinski is a musician, songwriter, composer and producer who resides here in Niagara.

JP-037 copy.jpg

Finally another one of Miss Tomek, who was simply stunning in the amazing dress provided again by Tanya from Shaw Festival. We all thought the 1957 pink caddy would steal the show until Tanya emerged from makeup and wardrobe and dazzled us all. Makeup and hair again by Christiane. I absolutely loved working on this shoot and most of the preshoot work (and there was a lot to do) was done by Tanya Hvilivitsky, so kudos to you Tanya for all your time invested!!  Look for these photos in the just published edition of Niagara Magazine. cheers,  RN  

niagara magazine cover .jpg

same day slideshows

In most of my wedding packages I include a same day slideshow. A SDS (samedayslideshow ) is simply a compilation of all the images photographed that day edited down to about 130 photos. I work on the edits during dinner and the slideshow is usually  running on my 27 inch Imac by the time they're serving coffee and dessert. Here is an actual same day slide show that was put together in about 30 minutes during the dinner at Ashley and Michael's wedding. My wedding clients absolutely love the same day slideshows and their guests are amazed at the fast turnaround of the days images. It could take a few seconds on some computers for the video to (appear) download. -cheers RN 

Natalie and Jeff wedding at Lookout Point

Jeff showed his love for Natalie by quitting his job so they could be together! In the reception speeches we learned that Jeff and Natalie worked at the same firm which had a no dating your co workers rule. Jeff solved that problem by quitting his job so they could date. Wise choice, as they are now married and you could see how much in love they are by glances they exchanged during their ceremony. It was a beautiful day at Lookout Point in Fonthill and the view from their ceremony was spectacular. 

Flowers by The Watering Can  


Groom and groomsmen in Fonthill
wedding party in Fonthill by Robert Nowell
wedding ceremony at Lookout Point Fonthill
Lookout Point Golf Club, Pelham On

Lori and James wedding, Niagara on the Lake

Lori and James gamble for an outdoor garden June wedding paid off with blue skies, a light breeze and plenty of sunshine. Not that it would have mattered if rain showed up because their stunning home along the Niagara Parkway would have made just as spectacular a backdrop for entertaining friends and family after their vows were exchanged. Lori and James loved the candid serendipitous photos they had seen on my website and that's what they wanted most at their wedding. No formal group photos just photos of them and their guests chatting and enjoying the music and amazing food prepared by Robin Howe Catering. Lush florals were provided by Marsha Designs . Music played throughout the afternoon reception by the incredible Sandy Vine and the Midnights who amazed the guests with their ability to play almost any request given. Guests were also captivated by the dessert table which was laden with sumptuous offerings from Willow Cakes and Pastries of Niagara on the Lake.  A perfect day enjoyed by all! 


wedding niagara on the lake
flowers by Marsha Designs
Niagara weddings
Robert Nowell wedding photography
wedding pastries by Willow cakes Niagara on the Lake
Robin Howe catering , weddings , Niagara
music by Sandy Vine and the Midnights, Niagara weddings

Rob + Sarah's wedding in Jordan.....

The skies were darkening as I arrived in the tiny village of Jordan just fifteen minutes before I was to meet Sarah for the first time. We had spoken only on the phone , but she had explained that only she and Rob would be at their wedding. Not exactly an elopement since all the friends and family knew about it. Just a decision to have a very small wedding without the "fanfare". I don't think I have ever connected so easily on the wedding day( having not met before) as we did today. It absolutely poured down rain right through their ceremony held indoors at Inn on the Twenty . Their officiant was Sheldon Kofsky and ceremony music by Deb and David from Glissandi. After a few portraits indoors we were thrilled to find the rain was easing off. We popped upstairs across the road for a few more with the large windows there. FInally we jumped in my car and stopped at a few spots to give them the shots I knew they were hoping for. Rainy days can still be great photo days!  Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favourite. RN 


Innon the Tweny, Jordan , wedding

The simple things....

Nothing like  fresh organic strawberries from our own garden to make my breakfast smoothies in June. Just waiting now on our blueberries and raspberries. It's the simple things that bring pleasure to the day for me. I love the quiet of our garden in the mornings. We are early risers so I enjoy watering the plants first thing with a coffee in hand and taking in the fragrances, sounds and sights before the heat of the day arrives. Starting the day this way I believe is almost therapeutic for me. I do my best thinking there and it fuels my passion for work and it's become my little summer ritual.  RN  

garden stawberry.jpg

Richard Dreyfuss at the Pathstone Hope Award Gala

Back in around March of this year I was called by Carrie from Pathstone Foundation to photograph their major sponsors with this year's special guest speaker, Richard Dreyfuss. His message was a candid honest look at his life coping with manic depression and bi polarity. Mr Dreyfuss gave us  a glimpse of the struggles and victories that mental illness can bring. The evening award recipient was Carol Mae Maidens. Here are just a few of the images from the gala.


Niagara Symphony Gala Garden Party

When Candice Turner Smith calls, I know I'm in for a fun shoot. This time was no exception she was calling to ask if I'd be available to photograph the fundraiser gala garden party on Sunday June 23rd for the Niagara Symphony. Candice is the Executive Director of the NSO for the 2013 season and she wanted me to capture the feel of the event with candid photos. The gala garden party was held at the Niagara on the Lake home of  Harriet (Sis) Bunting-Weld. Christopher Newton was cohost and kept the evening lively. 

NSO Conductor Bradley Thachuck

NSO Conductor Bradley Thachuck


The Lubberts Family

It is of course an honour to be recommended by another photographer. Even more so when it's for their own family. Nataschia Wielink is both a colleague and a friend. We work together on the local and provincial boards of the Professional Photographers of Canada. Her mother wanted to get all the family together for portraits and I was thrilled to be asked to do the job. It didn't feel at all like a job though, more like I was an honorary family member for the afternoon. We also had a great time chatting at the viewing of portraits at my studio.